Earth’s Beauty (2018)

Award-winning poetic documentary about the stunning, natural environment of the Earth as captured by on-site scientists and the Envisat satellite. Accepted into the official archives of the European Space Agency


Earth's Beauty w Award


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  • Best Music, Top Indie Film Awards 2018 (American premiere).


  • Best Cinematography / Best Documentary Short / Best Editing, Top Indie Film Awards 2018.


  • Alpin Film Festival 2019 (Romanian premiere).
  • 2019 Top Indie Film Awards.
  • 4th Premio Leggimontagna – Cortomontagna 2019.
  • 2018 International Festival of Outdoor Films (Czech / European premiere).
  • 2018 Voices From the Waters International Traveling Film Festival (Indian premiere).
  • Milano Montagna Film Festival 2018 (Italian premiere).
  • 1st Strasburg Film Festival 2018.
  • China International Green Film Week 2018 (Chinese / Asian premiere).
  • Lift-Off Sessions 2018 (English premiere).
  • Shenandoah 2018 Seasonal Film Series.


  • OPPrime TV (American broadcast premiere).